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Sustainability model: We reinforce our environmental commitment through policies and strategies forming part of a sustainable path, generating value for all our interest groups.


Social Responsibility Crédito Real

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We foster the sustainable development through our investment commitments for human resources and materials in favor of the community. Learn more!

We consider the needs and expectations of our interest groups. Learn more!

We contribute with responsible initiatives to continue strengthening a culture of taking care of the environment. Learn more!

A basis that allows strengthening our relationships with sundry interest groups taking into consideration the feasibility of the business in the long term, and through a code of ethics and conduct, whereby we state our commitment to promote respect towards shareholders, executives, customers, providers, collaborators, competitors, community and environment.

With the commitment in mind of promoting among our interest groups the Social Responsibility, we have adopted the SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE COMPANY DECALOGUE, which has been promoted by the Centro Mexicano para la Filantropía A.C., CEMEFI. 

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Socially Responsible Company

Crédito Real was awarded the Distinction of Socially Responsible Company for the fourth consecutive year by the Centro Mexicano para la Filantropía A.C. (CEMEFI).

Such distinction reinforces the commitment by Crédito Real as regards sustainability, the basis for the institution to continue in the market and to generate economic, social and environmental value in benefit of each of our interest groups.

This way the work we have been making to favor the life quality of our collaborators is recognized, as well as our contribution to the common welfare of the society. All the foregoing based on our values: Responsibility, Congruence, Respect, Loyalty and Teamwork.


Responsabilidad Social Crédito Real


Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) is an organization created to foster the preparation of sustainability reports in any kind of organization.
GRI provides a full framework to prepare Sustainability Reports.

Since 2013, we have used the GRI methodology to report our economic, social and environmental performance.

Global Compact

Global Compact of the United Nations (UN) is an initiative fostering a social responsibility policy so that the companies align their operations and strategies to the 10 principles established.

We, in Crédito Real, are proud to be part of the more than 700 Mexican companies that have joined this organization, since only 24 organizations belong to the financial service sector in Mexico.