The financial solution you need

We are leaders in the market of credits paid through payroll deduction, working through distributors at a national level and making loans for government-unionized employees.

The financial solution you need

A company that has been in the market for 10 years and has offices at a national level. The financial institution leader in credits paid through payroll deductions made to unionized workers, such as:

  • SNTE (National Union for Educational Workers) and IMSS (National Institute of Social Security).
  • Workers of the State Government.
  • Retirees and pensioners of IMSS and of any other company (through the IMSS).
  • Other agencies, such as SEMS, UNAM, Health Sector (Sinaloa and Jalisco).

National coverage having more than 120 branches throughout Mexico, more than one thousand collaborators for providing service to their customers, almost 70 effective agreements with sundry institutions; all the foregoing arising from the commitment generated with its customers, who are their reason to be.

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Institution leader in microfinance for the government sector and one of the 3 largest credit companies in the country.
It has a broad range of products that suits the needs of each customer.

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Mexican company with more than 14 years of experience in the market of credits paid through payroll deduction. Specialist in serving Mexican workers, pensioners and retirees in all the country and engaged in supporting the Mexican families to improve their life quality by making customized loans based on their real needs

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  • You do not need a surety.
  • Immediate answer.
  • You can receive loans for up to $250,000.

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