To start up your business

We change the life of thousands of enterprising women through a joint obligor plan, giving these women the vote of confidence they need.

We want to see you grow

It started in 2010 with the conviction for making a positive difference in the life of women living in rural areas, by making them production group credits that will allow them exploiting their talent and improving their life and their family’s..

In 2013 the first integration with CrediEquipos was carried out, achieving a geographic expansion and adding very valuable persons to the Institution.

In 2014 Credex was integrated to this team, consolidating it as one of the largest micro financing companies in Mexico for group products.

Currently, it is present in more than 22 states of Mexico and serves more than 150,000 Mexican women through a network of more than one thousand six hundred collaborators that are constantly striving to give this mission life.

We are with you, Change your life!

We boost your development

We are currently making joint group credits for all women having a business or willing to start up one, so the self-employment can be strengthened and promoted resulting, in turn, in an improved life quality, through an integral advice provided by the team of collaborators.

There are three basic rules to make and have a good performance of a credit:

  • To be joint obligors of the credit. (All women are joint sureties of the credit).
  • Meet on a weekly basis to recover payment.
  • Invest the credit in their business.

Get your goals achieved!