In Crédito Real, our governance is integrated by principles, standards and by-laws regulating the operation of the bodies in charge of generating value, in addition of protecting the interests of the company through the efficient and transparent use of resources.

Board of Directors Crédito RealBoard of Directors The Board of Directors is the supreme supervising body of the management of Crédito Real , and the entity taking the actions necessary to ensure a sound Governance.
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Governance Crédito RealCorporate Governance Principles Learn more

Structure Crédiot RealOur Structure Shares representing the capital stock of the Company amount to 376,667,890 which are of a “Sole” Series, common, registered with no par value, and entered in the Section of Securities of the RNV. Such shares started listing in the BMV in October 2012, when the Company made its initial public offering, with picker "CREAL *".Estructura Gobierno Corporativo Crédito Real

Repurchase Program Crédito RealRepurchase Program During the General Meeting held on March 1, 2017, the amount that is equal to the balance of the net profits of the Company, including the existing retained earnings as of the conclusion date for fiscal year 2016 were determined as the maximum amount of resources that may be used to acquire own shares of the Company during fiscal year 2017.
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Corporate By-laws Crédito RealCorporate By-laws In Crédito Real, S.A.B. de C.V., SOFOM E.R. (hereinafter, “Crédito Real”) we have solid governance practices, according to the highest transparency and professionalism standards that have allowed us obtaining a continuous growth and generating value for shareholders. Crédito Real is governed by a regulatory framework and its corporate by-laws, and by its mission, vision and values.
The basis of the corporate by-laws of Crédito Real include, among others, the General Law of Business Corporations and the Securities Market Law, which govern their operation and cover the rights and obligations of its shareholders.
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Whistle Blowing LineWhistle Blowing Line Our whistle blowing line is a tool that allows us reporting any bribery, corruption, goods stolen, authority abuse, frauds, sexual harassment, physical or verbal aggression, and any fact contrary to the provisions of the Code of Ethics and Conduct.
01 800 062 1673 Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. at 10:00 p.m.

Sustainability Model Crédito RealSustainability Model As part of the company’s strategy, we generate value for all our interest groups through an economic, environmental and social commitment that we continuously reinforce through several actions.
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Remuneration Crédito RealRemuneration Policy The process of Strategic Alignment in Crédito Real is based on the management by targets and starts with the strategic planning, where the global purposes of the company are defined (based on the mission and vision) and from there the strategic purposes per each executive office are derived.
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Conflict of Interest Crédito RealConflict of Interest Prevent any activity or business that due to its nature may generate a conflict of interest and jeopardize integrity of Crédito Real. No collaborator will be allowed to perform activities, consultancies or businesses competing or affecting, directly or indirectly, the interest of the Institution, or whereby is intended to get personal benefits, including family members or third parties.
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Business Crédito RealOur Business Currently, since our beginning more than 20 years ago, in Crédito Real we have focused on offering financial solutions to the population segment that has been historically unserved by the traditional banks, which have become our main business. In this order of ideas, we are aware that in order to attain a sustained profitable growth it is essential to keep the focus on our main activities. In turn, throughout our history, we have done continuous efforts to get a larger expansion of the Company, supported, mostly, by a selective and ordered acquisition strategy of companies reinforcing our existing businesses. In this manner, we achieve expanding our operations to the United States and Central America, thus, reaching a sound diversification of our sources of revenues per geographical location and currency. In the current consolidation stage of recent acquisitions, our strategy is based on assuring a solid organic growth, strengthening the most profitable business segments; simultaneously, we pursue a more solid financial structure in our Company and more diversification from funding sources.

CommitteesCommittees Crédito Real The Board of Directors is supported by four committees: Audit, Corporate Practices, Executive and Communication and Control Committee.
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Dividends PolicyDividends Policy Crédito Real Payment of dividends will depend on the results of the operations of Crédito Real, the financial position thereof, future projects, capital requirements and other considerations.

The policy for payment of dividends considers a percentage of up to 20% of the net profits of the Company for the prior fiscal year, provided that it is approved by the Meeting, and that the debt/capital ratio of the Company is below 4.0 times and that the capitalization index exceeds 20%.

Payments of historical dividends of Crédito Real are as follows:

December 2013 0.53 December 2014 0.43 January 2016 0.40 March 2017 0.25 May 2018 0.50 April 2019 0.70
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Code of Ethics and Conduct CREthics and Conduct Crédito Real Our Code of ethics and conduct was renewed in 2020, therefore, we did an effort to continue with the diffusion of such Code among our main groups of interest. This tool contributes to strengthen the bonds between the working team to fulfill purposes, in addition of favoring the good behavior of collaborator.

This code is characterized by:
• Establishing the rights and obligations of collaborators, respecting their dignity as individuals.
•Guaranteeing equal opportunities, and respect for each of the employees. It also rejects any type of discrimination and protects their human rights.
• Fostering honesty and integrity of the persons at any level of the business.
• Promoting the ethical principles, and the adhesion to the internal regulation standards to promote an amicable labor environment in compliance with the laws.
• Guaranteeing the selection process for personnel ensuring that the factors to be assessed are qualities, skills, capacities, experience, among others, and guaranteeing the non-discrimination.

Code of Ethics and Conduct Crédito Real
Code of Ethics of the Stock Exchange Community

Code of Best PracticesBest Practices Crédito Real Crédito Real, S.A.B. de C.V., SOFOM E.R., has largely implemented in its corporate governance practices the recommendation of the Code of Best Corporate Practices issued by the Business Coordinating Council.

Currently, Crédito Real makes the Survey on Adhesion Level to the Code of Best Corporate Practices to facilitate the measurement of the progress level in the implementation of its recommendations.

Best Corporate Practices Survey 2020
Best Corporate Practices Survey 2019
Best Corporate Practices Survey 2018
Best Corporate Practices Survey 2017
Best Corporate Practices Survey 2016
Best Corporate Practices Survey 2015
Best Corporate Practices Survey 2014
Best Corporate Practices Survey 2013
Code of Best Practices of the Entrepreneurial Coordinating Board

Shareholders’ RightsShareholders’ Rights Crédito Real In Crédito Real we have strong governance practices, according to the highest transparency and professionalism standards, which have allowed us obtaining a continuous growth and value generation for shareholders. Crédito Real is governed by a regulatory framework and its corporate by-laws, and by its mission, vision and values.
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Anticorruption PolicyAnticorruption Crédito Real In addition to the Code of Ethics and Conduct, Crédito Real has a Prevention of Corruption Policy, which seeks to highlight the importance of fundamental values to promote good business practices, as well as to prevent and report any act that is related to bribery and / or corruption.
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Money Laundering PreventionMoney Laundering Prevention Crédito Real The purpose of the Manual of policies, criteria, measures and procedures to prevent and fight money laundering and terrorist finance is the development and establishment of the policies and the criteria, measures and procedures to prevent and fight money laundering and terrorist finance of Crédito Real, S.A.B. de C.V., SOFOM, E.R.
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Repurchase PolicyRepurchase Policy Crédito Real Crédito Real may acquire shares representing its capital stock or credit instruments representing such shares, in accordance with Article Fifteen of the Corporate By-laws of Crédito Real and Article 56 of the Securities Market Law under the terms, conditions and with the restrictions set forth in Title Six, Articles 56-63 of the General Provisions applicable to securities issuers and other participants of the securities market and the Policy for acquisition and placement of own shares of Crédito Real.
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