Buró de Entidades Financieras


This is a consultation and spreading tool used to know the products offered by the financial entities, their commissions and rates, claims by users, unsound practices incurred thereby, administrative sanctions imposed to such entities, abusive clauses of their contracts and other information that may be relevant to get information about their performance.

With the Financial Entities Bureau, you can know who is who in banks, insurance, multi-purpose financial institutions, employees’ savings and loan associations, pension fund management companies, among other entities.

To such end, you may compare and assess the financial entities, their products and services, having more elements to choose the most appropriate for you. This information will be useful to choose a financial product and to know and make a better use of those you already have.

This Bureau of Financial Entities is a tool that may contribute to the economic growth of the country, as it promotes competition among financial institutions, which shall boost transparency upon disclosing information to users regarding their performance and the products they offer, which will facilitate a responsible management of the products and financial services after knowing in detail their characteristics.

The foregoing may derive in a better social welfare, because when getting in one single space information so different regarding the financial system, the users will have more elements to optimize their budget, improve their personal finance, in order to properly use the loans that will strengthen their economy and to obtain the insurance protecting it, among other aspects.

The information herein contained only corresponds to Crédito Real, Sociedad Anónima Bursátil de Capital Variable, Sociedad Financiera de Objeto Múltiple, Entidad Regulada; to know information of the entire industry, visit http://www.buro.gob.mx.

Institutions CONSULTATIONS, CLAIMS AND DISPUTES SANCTIONS Particular Abusive Clauses Compliance with the Condusef Registers Financial Education Programs
Total Claims Rate of Claims per every 10 thousand agreements2 (Quarterly Performance index of customer service
Rating 0 – 10
Total Sanctions Total Amount of the Sanction ( $ )
Crédito Real, S.A.B. de C.V., SOFOM, E.R. 1,834 - 9.47 0 - S/I 10.0 NO