Your goals, a reality

We are a 100% Mexican company with more than 25 years of experience offering innovative financial solutions to the segments generally unserved by the traditional banking system.

Our priority: helping improve the life quality of our customers through a differentiated, ethical and comprehensive service.

Crédito Real


To be the best financial entity in the country thanks to our highly qualified personnel and the innovative technologic tools we use as support to exceed the expectations of our customers and shareholders.

"To act based on the truth, try to work in an honest and open environment; always say what you are thinking".


Crédito Real Service Service I am oriented to satisfy the customer’s needs.

Crédito Real Integrity and honesty Integrity and honesty I act based on the truth and sincerity.

Crédito Real Liability Liability I fulfill my obligations, I am aware and I assume.

Crédito Real Respect Respect I treat with dignity everybody with no distinction.

Crédito Real Teamwork Teamwork I am committed; I have willingness and I am collaborative.

Crédito Real Congruence Congruence I am capable of aligning my thoughts, my words and my actions.

Crédito Real Humility Humility I learn from my mistakes and good decisions.