Your goals, a reality

We are a 100% Mexican company with more than 25 years of experience offering innovative financial solutions to the segments generally unserved by the traditional banking system.

Our priority: helping improve the life quality of our customers through a differentiated, ethical and comprehensive service.

Crédito Real

Higher Purpose

To offer the opportunity of meeting needs and fulfilling dreams.

"To act based on the truth, try to work in an honest and open environment; always say what you are thinking".


To provide financial services that help our customers to enhance their life quality by providing a differentiated service strengthened by our characteristic ethics and good name, offering continuous innovation in our products.

Vision 2022

To become the biggest financial institution worldwide serving the Latin market, offering specialized and simple financial solutions.


Grupo 14


Complying promptly with the commitments, undertaking the way to face them.
Grupo 17


Acknowledging and incorporating third parties’ perspective within a learning context.
Grupo 26


Behaving with a committed attitude and having a purpose beyond immediate satisfaction of one’s personal wishes, as well as serving third parties in an ethical manner.
Grupo 28


Taking into account the ideas from third parties, treating everybody with equal dignity.